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Pcap-ng format - EPB block option - dropcount not displayed



Is EPB block option - epb_dropcount displayed on wireshark ?. If so where it's shown on wireshark.

Thanks, Subhash

asked 26 Oct '17, 01:40

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One Answer:


The dialog from Statistics -> Capture File Properties has a "Dropped packets" column but it always seems to be "unknown" for me.

answered 26 Oct '17, 02:56

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grahamb ♦
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yes right. Even i see the same. I think it's per interface. This is mentioned in each packet, so this should be displayed on each packet i guess

(26 Oct '17, 04:17) subhashmohan

if it should be anywhere at all, it should be in the frame layer of the dissection tree (middle pane). Some EPB options are shown there if present in the file.

(26 Oct '17, 04:34) sindy