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Wireshark does not display the content of SCCP DATA-1 Data Parameter


I am monitoring Positioning Application Protocol (PCAP) with Wireshark. As CONNECTION-REQUEST SCCP message contains Calling & Called Address that contain SSN Wireshark decodes properly the content of the Data Parameter. For DATA-1 SCCP messages Wireshark does not decode the content of the Data Parameter, it just display the raw data

Data: .....

I suppose that is because DATA-1 messages contain neither Calling nor Called Address and thus no SSN.

How can I force Wireshark to use PCAP decoder for all the SCCP DATA-1 Data Parameters.

Thank you in advance

asked 26 Oct '17, 01:40

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I think you need to enable the Trace Associations preference in the SCCP dissector. That's what makes Wireshark store the called/calling addresses from the CR/CC so it knows how to dissect the DT-1 messages.

answered 26 Oct '17, 09:30

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Fine, it worked

Thank you for your help

(27 Oct '17, 00:47) oaa

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