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TLS and RC4


Good afternoon, I need to filter from the capture that I have made only the IPs that use TLS and RC4 as an algorithm. When I want to filter through Cipher Suite it brings me as a result IPs that have many more algorithms and what I need to know is specifically where the connection was established.

Thank you

asked 26 Oct '17, 11:08

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Others may have something better; you could use the following display filter:

ssl.handshake.version >= 0x301 and ssl contains "rc4"

Value 0x301 and above covers TLS 1.0 - 1.3

answered 26 Oct '17, 12:31

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Papa Packet
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HI thnks! but I can not filter what are the connections that were really established with the server and the reason for those that did not :-(

(30 Oct '17, 07:45) lsalazar

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