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lua script error


Recently I encountered a problem. I wrote a lua script and it can work normally on Win7-64bit PC,

but today I use it on Win10-64bit PC,it pop up a error:

【Lua:error during loading xxx.lua:71 line :bad argument #3 to 'bytes' (display must be either base.NONE,base.DOT,base.DASH,base.COLON.base.SPACE)】

this lua script's Line 71 is shown as below

f_RawData = ProtoField.bytes("HdplcFrame.RawData", "Raw Data", base.HEX)

I would appreciate it very much if you would help me with it. Thanks in advance

asked 26 Oct '17, 22:42

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Wireshark versions on both platforms?

(27 Oct '17, 01:49) Jaap ♦

Based on the error message, is it erroring out on "base.HEX"? Not sure what the factor is between Win7 and Win10 on base.HEX

(27 Oct '17, 06:53) Papa Packet

@Papa Packet, that's exactly why @Jaap was asking for Wireshark version on both OSes because direct relationship to OS would be weird. It is more likely that something like 2.1.x is running on Win7 and something like 2.4.x is running on Win10. Between these releases, the Lua API has become more strict in some aspects.

(27 Oct '17, 07:14) sindy