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[closed] TCP payload decoder


Dear wireshark help team,

I have a TCP payload packet and I would like to decode the data that is in there, how do I do this ?

The data in ASCII format is as follows: [email protected];uPe|'?f(A/:($N_C4;G4xc!X4F>@2w3

Thanks in advance.

asked 27 Oct '17, 03:21

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closed 27 Oct '17, 05:13

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Jaap ♦

I doubt we can help you here - to decode TCP payloads you should at least know what protocol this is. If it's anything using SSL/TLS -> forget it. If its proprietary -> forget it.

(27 Oct '17, 03:38) Jasper ♦♦

it is just HTTP I am sending out, but I think my embedded configuration is not correct, thats why it is jibberish.

(27 Oct '17, 03:40) ToasTer86

"jibberish". So how would you expect this data to be 'decoded' then?

(27 Oct '17, 04:06) Jaap ♦

Well I just figured out that the messages was not encoded but that what I am sending is not correct, so sorry for posting this question.

(27 Oct '17, 04:48) ToasTer86

Okay, thanks for your clarification.

(27 Oct '17, 05:12) Jaap ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason “Problem is not reproducible or outdated” by Jaap 27 Oct ‘17, 05:12