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Is there a way to filter out specific SIP messages?


I'm monitoring a Cisco CUCM for troubleshooting purposes. All I care about are call setup messages.

The REGISTER and OPTIONS messages are cluttering up the display, and I was wondering if I could filter those out?

asked 23 Sep '11, 08:47

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Cisco TelePr...
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One Answer:


Apply display filter sip.Method == "INVITE"

answered 23 Sep '11, 12:34

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OK, so if all I want to see are the INVITEs and the dialog that comes after them, I would use:

sip.Method != "REGISTER" or sip.Method != "OPTIONS"

(23 Sep '11, 13:19) Cisco TelePr...

@Cisco, I don't know much about SIP, but I think you meant:

(sip.Method != "REGISTER") && (sip.Method != "OPTIONS")
(23 Sep '11, 13:48) helloworld

If you want to see them use:
(sip.Method == "REGISTER") || (sip.Method == "OPTIONS")
If you want to hide them use:
!(sip.Method == "REGISTER") && !(sip.Method == "OPTIONS")

(23 Sep '11, 14:32) joke

Yes, I think the last comment is the syntax of what I was looking for. Thanks!

(23 Sep '11, 14:37) Cisco TelePr...

above ones are not filtering all OPTIONS and 200 OK response to OPTIONS message.

But below one is working for that.

sip && !(sip.CSeq.method == "OPTIONS")

(26 Sep '12, 15:50) optionsboy