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How to scrape packet data?


I want to scrape captured http packets for particular data. For example, consider a packet contains an itemID and ItemStatus.

I want a quick method of searching and extracting the timestamp, itemID, and ItemStatus from all the captured packets into a csv file for analysis (or whatever).

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks, David

asked 25 Sep '11, 12:34

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The HTTP protocol has no itemID and itemStatus fields. You'll have to be more specific what these items are.

(25 Sep '11, 22:54) Jaap ♦

Are you looking for url's that contain certain values?
You can use a display filter to select the packets, that contain a those values:
http contains "itemid" || http contains "itemstatus"
In Packet Details right-click on Request URI and choose "Apply as Column" from the context menu.
Next select File | Export | File...
Save as type: select CSV
Packet Range: select Displayed
Add a file name and hit OK

(26 Sep '11, 00:27) joke

You can read more about exporting data in the wireshark User's Guide.

(26 Sep '11, 00:31) joke