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Can we use No in the filter expression?



Can't we use No(default Number columnn in the capturing window) as a filter(for ex: No >25)? A Custom protocol has a Sequence Number field.This is also added as a column in the capturing window. My Requirement is: I should apply No==25(example) first and then take the Sequence Number from that row. If its not possible this way, please let me know all the other ways to obtain the Sequence Number value from a particular row. Please Help. Thanks in Advance.

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asked 19 Oct '11, 22:08

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One Answer:


The frame number is available as the filter "frame.number" :-)

So you can use : frame.number > 25

answered 20 Oct '11, 01:11

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I 've acquired good Information from the question called Get frame data and packet info from frame number?. How can i access a particular field called Sequence Number from that frame?

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may i know the brief details of the fields present in the structure frame_data?(only the fields that are necessary)

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thanks SYNbit. Your answer solved my problem.

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