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can’t run the script chmodBPF


the error is "./ChmodBPF: line 35: $1: unbound variable" in Snow leopard. after install.

Do you have any recommendation? Right now I can't detect any interfaces in wireshark.

asked 27 Oct '10, 20:33

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ChmodBPF isn't a script you're supposed to run directly, it's a script that's supposed to be run by the SystemStarter mechanism in Mac OS X. Put both ChmodBPF and StartupParameters.plist into the directory /Library/StartupItems, make sure they're owned by user "root" and group "wheel" and are not writable by anybody other than "root", and then do "sudo SystemStarter start ChmodBPF" to cause SystemStarter to run the script. That should change the ownership and/or permissions on the existing BPF devices. After a reboot, the permissions should be set automatically.

answered 28 Oct '10, 14:15

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