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Capture packet to SQL Database


I'm using a serial to ethernet bridge (static IP) to connect a serial device to my network. I need a piece of software to grab the data from the ethernet bridge and store it in a SQL database (ideal) or a text file. The software needs to be able to run on a Win 2008 server when it is logged off. Can Wireshark do this?


asked 31 Oct '11, 09:09

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Wireshark and TShark can't save data to an SQL database, as it has no idea what the schema of the database is. If somebody wants that capability, it would help if they indicated what it means to "save data to an SQL database" - do they want particular fields extracted from the packet as columns in a table, do they want the raw packet data stored as a blob, or what?

Wireshark is a GUI application, so it would be inappropriate to save a text file. TShark might be able to do it, but it might not be able to save anything more than a hex dump of the raw Ethernet packet.

answered 31 Oct '11, 12:27

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