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Facebook Login notifications


Login notifactions in ase you dont know says "We can notify you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven't used before"

I need to understand whether sniffing cookies will trigger this on a different laptop or whether i'd have to do it on the sniffed laptop for it not to trigger the alert.

Thanks B

asked 02 Nov '11, 05:00

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You haven't really asked a question. Wireshark can help you see what cookies are being sent or received in HTTP transactions, is this what you want to know?

(02 Nov '11, 05:17) martyvis


Sorry, let me try to be clearer.

If i use wireshark to sniff a cookie, then use that cookie to log into facebook on a different laptop will it trigger the "Login Notifications" security feature of facebook?

(03 Nov '11, 02:29) poohbrains

Probably. Why don't you just try it?

(03 Nov '11, 08:33) bstn

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I don't know. That's a question about Facebook, not about Wireshark (you could have used a different program to sniff the cookie; it wouldn't make a difference). Sniffing the cookie won't do anything; reusing it might, or might not. As bstn said, "Why don't you just try it?"

answered 03 Nov '11, 18:13

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