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I had wireshark display an error message this morning while running a capture at a client site. It was not an intense capture, so this is not a resource problem on the laptop (laptop has i7, g gb Ram, tera HDD). The error displayed is as follows: "Error while capturing packets: read error: PacketReceivePacket failed - Please report this to the Wireshark developers.(This is not a crash; please do not report it as such). Can someone provide guidance as to the proper procedure to report this bug to the developers?

Thank you KMNR user

asked 28 Oct '10, 06:32

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Error reporting can be done through the Wireshark mailing lists, or the Wireshark Bugzilla database. Do some searches first, to see if your problem has come up before (it has) and what the cause/resolution was. See more on the Wireshark Wiki.

answered 28 Oct '10, 08:03

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That particular problem is probably a WinPcap problem, so you might want to try reporting it to the WinPcap developers.

When Wireshark/TShark/dumpcap gets an "unexpected" error from libpcap or WinPcap, such as that one, it is at best difficult and at worst impossible for the program to determine whether it's a Wireshark problem or a libpcap/WinPcap problem, so the error message suggests reporting the problem to the Wireshark developers. Jaap's answer indicates how to do that.

answered 28 Oct '10, 14:21

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