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Is there a legend for the symbols used in RTP player?


In version 1.6, the release notes say "The RTP player now shows why media interruptions occur." I'm now using 1.6.3, and I see the symbols where there are problems with the RTP stream but haven't been able to find a legend for what the symbols mean. Thanks.

asked 04 Nov '11, 09:56

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One Answer:


Reasons for silence:

  • D: Dropped by jitter
  • W: Wrong timestamp
  • S: Silence inserted

answered 04 Nov '11, 15:56

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Jaap ♦
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what is "S silence inserted" exactly? would it be related to CN payload?

(08 Dec '11, 15:51) piuslor

Silence inserted follows from strange behavior of the timestamp (large jump for instance), then (a limited amount of) silence is inserted in order to allow you to listen to the rest of the speech. It messes up multi stream sync, but at least allows you to listen.

(08 Dec '11, 23:18) Jaap ♦