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KeyTab - Kerberos


Hi there ,

i am trying to review some examples on:

but when i try to do either: a) add the keytab via the gui - the option no longer seems to be availble b) add using the -K from the command line - the command doesnt run sucessfully and just stops at the help section next to the -K (keytab).

I want to review some of the examples before i attempt to do this for myself.

can anyone help thanks Chris

ok so from XP i do get the menu in the GUI but i still cant get the examples to work.

Does anyone have a working solution - or any other examples ?

asked 14 Nov '11, 02:29

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One Answer:


I faced this issue with the 64bit version of Wireshark v1.6.4. Switched to the 32bit version and was able to decrypt Kerberos traffic by specifying the keytab on the GUI.

answered 21 Nov '11, 12:21

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