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unknown inap


I'm sending a INAP Initial DP message with an opCode or extension value of 59 but the wireshark trace shows 'Unknown INAP (59)'. What is the reason

asked 16 Nov '11, 03:57

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Not sure what you mean opcode-initialDP Code ::= local:0 There is no opcode 59 defined in IN-operationcodes.asn Regards Anders

(16 Nov '11, 22:09) Anders ♦

One Answer:


That has nothing to do with the INAP opcodes. This is the ASN1 spec of that field ExtensionField ::= SEQUENCE { type EXTENSION.&id({SupportedExtensions}), -- shall identify the value of an EXTENSION type criticality CriticalityType DEFAULT ignore, value [1] EXTENSION.&ExtensionType({SupportedExtensions}{@type}) } So the extension is of the local type 59, as this seems to be a Simens INAP trace that's probably a Simens proprietary extension.

answered 17 Nov '11, 12:13

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Probably not without Simens specification of the extension.

(17 Nov '11, 14:06) Anders ♦