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last modified time on server


How can I learn the last modified time of the file that I retrieve at the server ? There is something like 'the delta time' in frame segment but I don't know.

asked 30 Oct '10, 14:11

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Not exactly sure of the details on this yet, but can't you just go to the server and look at the Last Modified Time value for the file?

Depending on the application used to download a file, the application may include a Last Modified time field - such as in the case of an HTTP OK reply - look in the details and it should say when the file on the server was last modified.

The delta time you refer to, if in the Wireshark frame section, indicates when the packet was seen compared to the (a) first packet or time referenced packet if set or (b) the previous displayed packet, if a display filter was set.

answered 30 Oct '10, 18:49

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