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Wireshark with Virtual Box


I am using Sun Virtual Box with Win7 64 bit as the host and an MSDOS guest and want to sniff the traffic using a Packet Driver on MSDOS. Wireshark does not capture the data. Microsoft VPC works as expected with Wireshark capturing the traffic.

asked 31 Oct '10, 02:11

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Hmmmm....are you using VirtualBox's "bridged networking" mode? If so, it's bypassing the host OS network stack entirely...

Taking a look at the VirtualBox networking documentation (, it looks like the "host-only" mode might also create some problems for packet captures.

answered 03 Nov '10, 20:01

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I have an idea for solve your issue , too late but hope it help somebody else:)

Create Host-Only Adapter and bridge with your LAN Adapter. run wireshark on LAN Adapter, It will do the work

answered 02 May '13, 02:52

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Isn't that what @wesmorgan1 suggested (see above)?

(02 May '13, 05:12) Kurt Knochner ♦