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Help with router information


I am constantly hacked and abused on the internet. I've had to figure out a lot of things to get to what was going on and I recently used Wireshark to see if I can find the problem. I use an ethernet cable. There is a Linksys Cisco nat router on it. It is shared by three computers. I have used many different types of firewalls and when I block what appears to be the offender, I get no internet service. I did a Wireshark capture and found references to "CompalIn." We don't have any Compal equipment at the house. Can someone explain that to me? I can add more details from the file. Note that my computer is SO HACKED right now that almost all the services are run by netsvc when I am supposedly NOT connected to the internet and have disabled all the internet adapters. I also don't have access to the information in the taskmanager and other scary things. With the adapters uninstalled, Wireshark won't capture anything of course. Thanks.

asked 28 Nov '11, 08:43

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Hmmm... you did a capture, but Wireshark can't capture? Is this a joke? If this is my son writing this - get off the computer and get to homework! <g>

(11 Dec '11, 20:58) lchappell ♦

I'm confused by your response, but I am really mostly annoyed. I used the wireshark program when I was online after hacking number one billion. At that point, wireshark generated a file. The file is rife with odd information. I am asking a question about that. Unless your son is a highly educated woman, I doubt I am your son.

(12 Dec '11, 12:18) Victim

OK to make it short - you're f!"&ed up. If your machine is half as infected as you describe above, there is absolutely NO use in running Wireshark for diagnostics which files on your PC are infected.

I strongly suggest that you boot your machine from whatever Linux LiveCD, save your important documents, whipe your hard drive and do a fresh reinstall of your OS.

If you have had another question, please be more precise in specifying WHAT exactly you want to know

(12 Dec '11, 15:47) Landi