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Building on Solaris 8


I've been trying to build wireshark 1.4.1 for Solaris 8 on sparc. I haven't had much luck. My first problem was that I had an older gtk than what is required so I had to try and build it without much luck. I have ended up building cairo, pango, libiconv, GNU m4, GNU sed, glib, flex, and pkgconfig. At every stage I seen to have a problem. I had to have a couple of empty shell scripts for pod2html and pod2man.

Has anyone succeeded in building wireshark on Solaris 8? I am just as happy to give up but someone here wanted to use it.

asked 03 Nov '10, 20:37

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I haven't tried a build on Solaris, but I note that you can download Solaris 8 binaries (SPARC or x86) for Wireshark 1.2.10 from If you don't need features specific to later releases, that might be the easiest path for you...

answered 03 Nov '10, 20:44

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Actually I want the 1.4.0 version of wireshark that is why I am trying to build it from the source. I found the 1.2.10 version but I want to be able to decode the DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) protocol and the early version just didn't decode enough of the messages that I am interested.

(03 Nov '10, 20:47) TV1

I'm not able to check at the moment, but does sunfreeware have recent packages for gtk?

(04 Nov '10, 12:46) GeonJay


We build Wireshark all day long on Solaris 10. I'm not aware of any issue that would prevent a build on Solaris 8. If there is, that's a bug and should be fixed. The Solaris 10 builder uses support packages and libraries from Blastwave. They also have Wireshark packages but the latest is 1.2.2.

An alternative might be to use SSH to pipe the capture data from the Solaris 8 machine to a machine running Wireshark 1.4.

answered 04 Nov '10, 09:18

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