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Absolute time and time resolution in tshark I/O statistics


Hey there,

is there any way I can specify the

tshark -r file.pcap -qz "io,stat,1,AVG(tcp.analysis.ack_rtt)tcp.analysis.ack_rtt"

output, to 1. give me absolute time intervals and 2. give me more than milliseconds as a resolution for the AVG values?

thx as always in advance

asked 05 Jan '12, 09:14

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One Answer:


(1) is not currently possible. Bug 1850 has been asking for that functionality since 2007. (It just needs someone to implement it.)

For (2) you can upgrade to 1.7.0 (or the SVN trunk) and io,stat will give you microseconds.

answered 05 Jan '12, 10:45

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