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displaying object name


which function in which file displays the object name part in the wireshark?

asked 17 Jan '12, 03:29

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Premini Francis
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Your question is very unclear; could you specify some more details? What object name? Where in Wirehshark is it displayed? What protocol are you talking about, and is it a protocol at all?

(17 Jan '12, 03:32) Jasper ♦♦

The object name that is displayed in packet details of the SNMP protocol.

(17 Jan '12, 05:31) Premini Francis

When it comes to SNMP object names are (mostly?) gotten from the loaded MIBS with the aid of LIBSMI. Some OID names are also added from the code register_ber_oid_dissector_handle() which in turn cals oid_add_from_string() ASN1 based dissectors may also add OID names. If you explain the purpose of your questions it might be easier to help you.

(17 Jan '12, 09:47) Anders ♦

Am working on compressed OIDs. Am able to decode the compressed OIDs. But the packet details shows:

variable-bindings: 2 items value (null)

object Name: (iso.

value (Null) value (null)

object Name: (joint-iso-itu-t.

value (Null)

Now, I want to change the line,

  object Name: (joint-iso-itu-t.


  object Name: (iso.
(18 Jan ‘12, 03:56) Premini Francis