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Wireshark & Lan-party


We're gonna have LAN-party with around 160 people and we thought using WireShark to monitor what is going on in our network, for example is there any BitTorrent-traffic or if someone using large amount of bandwith. Can WireShark handle that much data or will it run out of memory in 5 seconds? We dont have capacity to test this before the actual event.

Thank you for great program!

Best regards, jere.

asked 18 Jan '12, 10:54

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Wireshark can, technically, do this, but it's not the optimal solution. Depending on your equipment and your level of expertise I'd check out ntop.

answered 18 Jan '12, 11:04

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This is my first time monitoring network. Last year we used utangle, but I wasn't monitoring network that time. This year we're running 2x Netgear routers and 8x HP Switches. We still dont have that actual computer where we would run Wireshark (or any else program) because we are not sure how much of RAM or CPU it would use. Gonna check that ntop tomorrow, thanks for you answer!

(18 Jan '12, 11:15) riitti

Ntop provides only "demo"-version for Windows-computers, it is limited to 2000 packets capture. Seems like we need to install ubuntu :-)

(19 Jan '12, 01:15) riitti

Yep, Ubuntu would be the easy way to go

(19 Jan '12, 04:55) GeonJay