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Inbound and Outbound traffic


Hi, I'm writing a Lua program to process data that captured by tshark, and I'm in need for a filter to separate inbound traffic from outbound traffic in our network to process each group alone. Can some one help me in this, because I'm new in both: Lua and Wireshark. Thanks

asked 25 Jan '12, 22:39

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One Answer:


I'm assuming you're interested in IP traffic only.

You would create two taps (aka "Listeners") -- one filtered for incoming packets to your host and another for outgoing:

local HOST_IP = ''

local tap_in =, 'ip.dst=='..HOST_IP) local tap_out =, 'ip.src=='..HOST_IP)

– handles packets going to $HOST_IP function tap_in.packet(pinfo, buf) print('#'..pinfo.number, '<IN>', tostring(buf)) end

– handles packets going out from $HOST_IP function tap_out.packet(pinfo, buf) print('#'..pinfo.number, '<OUT>', tostring(buf)) end

Copy this file to a temporary directory (e.g., /tmp/test.lua), and run it from TShark as follows:

$ tshark -Xlua_script:/tmp/test.lua

You can also load this from Wireshark (as shown in a recent post).

answered 02 Feb ‘12, 18:53

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