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wireshark application tracking


hi, does wire-shark help track which application is connecting to the internet, just like geoip where we know which ip the os connects to, cause i think there is a rootkit installed in my laptop which connects to a "gay" network somewhere in Korea " to 255", i don't want to format and re-install cause all my office work is on the laptop, i tried to use free version of ad-aware but no joy. thanks if anyone knows how to do this.... debby.

asked 31 Jan '12, 21:47

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debby dale
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No, as of this writing, Wireshark does not yet provide this capability. The feature has been requested in bug 1184; however, it has not yet been implemented by anyone.

You might look into using other tools instead, such as netstat or Microsoft's Network Monitor tool if you happen to be working on a Windows platform.

answered 31 Jan '12, 22:57

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Still, Wireshark can help to see which port and destination IP is used in conversations, and the port number helps to track down the application using that port when doing netstat -ano or netstat -anb

(01 Feb '12, 00:45) Jasper ♦♦

i will try ms network monitor cause im using win 7..many thanks for your help/

(02 Feb '12, 02:13) debby dale