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Commerical use of wireshark


Hi folks,

I wanted to know if I make some changes in wireshark, suppose implementing support for extra protocol not already present in wireshark. Can I make the DLL of my changes and then sell it commercially ? Would it be legal?

asked 02 Feb '12, 22:56

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The rules of GPLv2 apply, which state that if you program against the API of the application (like you do using the functionality though dynamic linking) your code is covered by the GPL as well. That means that you are required to distribute your source code, free of charge, of the binary you distribute. This source code can be requested by anyone, and has to be provided by you, for just the cost of the medium on which it is transferred.

answered 03 Feb '12, 02:37

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Jaap ♦
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By free of charge what do you mean?? Do I have to sell my complete work for free of cost OR do i have to give the source code free of cost to those buying my product??

(03 Feb '12, 10:03) ashish_goel

You have to give the source code free of cost (other than "a fee charged for the physical act of transferring a copy") to those buying your product AND all copies you distribute of the binary code or the source code are covered under the GPL, which means you cannot prevent anybody who buys your software from giving it, or its source code, away. Read the GPL Version 2, under which Wireshark is licensed, for details.

(03 Feb '12, 10:14) Guy Harris ♦♦