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Should send you daily email?


If you go to User tools→email notification settings in your user profile you'll see a preference labeled "Send me the daily digest with information about the site activity". This option currently enabled by default but it doesn't do anything. I'm not sure that this is proper default behavior so I disabled the associated cron job. (There was a single test run yesterday in case you received the email.)

What are your preferences for daily digests? We have the following options:

  • Opt in. Leave the default settings as they are and enable the cron job. New users and most existing users will start receiving daily digests. This is OSQA's default behavior.
  • Opt out. Disable the daily digest option by default and retroactively for existing users, then enable the cron job. Everyone would have to manually enable daily digests.
  • Broken. Leave the cron job disabled. The daily digest option will do nothing.
  • ???. Some other crazy thing describe by you below.


asked 15 Sep '10, 11:07

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Gerald Combs ♦♦
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5 Answers:


I'd prefer the daily digest be disabled by default. I'd only enable it if the traffic volume wasn't to bad and I knew I wouldn't get a huge digest every day.

answered 15 Sep '10, 11:42

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I'd prefer the digest disabled by default also. I think the default auto-subscribe options should make most people happy.

answered 15 Sep '10, 12:12

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I would leave it as "Opt out" by default, but I'd be interested in opting in to receive the daily e-mail.

Regards, Keith

answered 15 Sep '10, 12:15

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+1 for having it disabled by default, but with the option to turn it on if wanted

answered 15 Sep '10, 12:18

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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I agree with having opt out as default, but possibly add the ability to get todays hottest topic emailed directly. If it's something majorly popular, then it would probably be of interest to most of us.

answered 15 Sep '10, 12:27

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