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Wireshark Lua - Wireshark Version problem


Hi, I have developed a post dissector using Wireshark Lua. Its is running without any problem on Development release 1.7.0 or higher, but it doesn't run properly on versions less than 1.7.0. Why is it so ?

Is there any dependencies on the versions for wireshark lua support?

asked 05 Mar '12, 01:36

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One Answer:


No, there are no new dependencies in 1.7.x. However, the API was modified and bugs were fixed in 1.7.x. There is no known documentation that specifically lists those changes (yet).

You might be using a newer function in an old version of Wireshark, in which case you should use get_version() to determine whether or not to use that particular API function.

answered 05 Mar '12, 05:22

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