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follow UDP stream with time stamp?


Hello How can I get a timestamp at the beginning of the sentences if I have carried out the “follow UDP stream” command.”

$RZHTD,A,16.5,R,R,T,,,,1.7,,,,,,,,,71 $RZFPI,000,00,8,2,071 $RZRSA,15.9,A,,V4C $RZROT,0.1,A,900A

This data is from one IP address, I would like to mix it again with data from another IP address, therefore I need a timestamp. Is this possible? And How?? Thanks in advance, Regards, P Hoornstrijk.

asked 17 Mar '12, 12:56

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One Answer:


That is (currently) not possible with Follow UDP stream (or any other follow ... stream for that matter)

answered 17 Mar '12, 14:02

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