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adding following support to wireshark


I'm looking for following features 1. g729 support for VOIP calls(playback) 2. exporting call quality record to SQL

These features are not available in wireshark. If i want to develop them, what specific things i should i know before attempting it. wireshark codebase is big, so any specific information will be very helpful.

asked 05 Apr '12, 02:23

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Looking at this bug report should give you some clues on what to look for note that codecs requiring licenses can't be added to the released version of Wireshark.

answered 05 Apr '12, 04:32

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Anders ♦
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"Requiring licenses" here means "requiring that the user license the codec individually from the vendor; a codec under, for example, the GNU Public License (GPL) is not a problem, but a codec requiring that the user sign a license agreement with the vendor, especially if the license vendor requires a payment for the license, will not be incorporated into the released version of Wireshark, as we do not and will not charge for it and cannot prevent others from giving their copies away as it's under the GPL.

(05 Apr '12, 10:04) Guy Harris ♦♦