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I would like to know if wireshark or any other packet catcher can be installed on the Ipad2. 64gig,safari browser. newest version

asked 07 Apr '12, 16:22

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Guy Harris ♦♦

(09 Mar '15, 19:17) bennettp123

(Wireshark isn't a Web app, so it can't be installed in Safari or any other Web browser.)

There is no version of Wireshark that runs on iOS, so it can't be installed on an iPad or an iPhone or an iPod touch. By default, in order to capture packets, a program needs to run as the superuser on Darwin-based operating systems such as OS X and iOS. On OS X, the Wireshark installer modifies the system so that the user has sufficient privilege to capture packets; Apple's App Store restrictions prevent Wireshark from being able to do that on iOS.

In theory, a version of Wireshark for jailbroken iPads and iPhones and iPod touches (and perhaps jailbroken second-generation Apple TVs) could be created, but nobody's done so yet.

Unless Apple adds the ability for "approved" applications to capture network traffic on machines running iOS, only jailbroken iOS machines will be able to run applications that capture network traffic.

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answered 07 Apr '12, 22:48

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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There's no way to do captures directly on the iPad, but you CAN view captures in mobile browsers using CloudShark ( There's a plug-in for Wireshark to directly upload to CloudShark as well.

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answered 04 Jun '12, 10:26

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On jailbroken devices, you CAN capture network traffic, directly on the device AND in PCAP format, by installing an application called "Pirni" from the Cydia store. It's a command-line application, so a terminal application (i.e. Prompt) is required.

For information on usage, i suggest entering "Pirni" at the command-line, followed by an <enter>.

After the capture, you can transfer the PCAP file to any computer (using an SSH client), running wireshark, to analyze the data. Alternatively, you can upload it directly from your device, to, BUT... in order to do this, you need to have the "safari upload enabler" installed. You can find it in the Cydia store.

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answered 25 Sep '12, 02:40

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As of iOS 5 one can also use a 'Remote Virtual Interface' for packet tracing.

(25 Sep '12, 06:41) Kurt Knochner ♦

You run Wireshark on your Wifi access point when creating the network on your PC and connect your iOS device to that. Like described here for Linux: or here for Windows:

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answered 23 Oct '14, 14:50

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