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Good day. I need to extract data from the FIX protocol dissector(included in Wireshark) by using the LUA scripting. So I'm able to get all static fields by using extractor variable(for example, fe_FIX_MsgType ="fix.MsgType") ). But I found a problem while trying to extract all the fields of FIX protocol of such message type as Market Data - Snapshot / Full Refresh, where field NoMDEntries is dynamically changing and represents the number of next following fields. As you understand these fields use the same ProtoFields so that after dissecting one value, the other value overwrites it. That's why i can't extract all the needed values. Please help me in this question. How can I get all the fields??? Thanks.

asked 19 Nov '10, 08:56

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You probably need to ask field extractor to return a table. Run it in brackets {} like below

fe_FIX_MsgType ="fix.MsgType")

local table_of_msg_types = { fe_FIX_MsgType() } 
for id,msg_type in pairs(table_of_msg_types)
    print("Doing something with Msg id: "" type: "..msg_type.value)
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answered 27 Nov '10, 15:21

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@johndaw I want to know how to get the Fix dissector written in LUA which is included in wireshark. Can any one please point me.

(14 Feb '16, 17:14) fixmessenger
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