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i read the "Follow SSL stream using Master-key and Session-ID"( but i don't knew how to config in wireshark, Edit-> preference->protocols->ssl, but where to set RSA Session-ID:xxxx Master-Key:xxxx,????

asked 07 May '12, 06:55

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Within the SSL preferences, there should be a text box called

(Pre)-Master-Secret log filename

There you define the name of the file that contains the required information.

Sample, based on data from the link you posted:

RSA Session-ID:B5AEB800F43F96A9BAD007A5D26423E43479B904166FA72A4789DEA15A830E26

BTW: If the text box is not there, you're probably using an older version of wireshark. In that case, please upgrade to the lastest version.

Please also check the SSL Decryption Wiki, for a different way to decrypt SSL, by using the RSA secret key of the server.


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answered 07 May '12, 07:06

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Thank you very much, but now, I found another two questions: 1.I have to access ssl server through and http proxy, but openssl s_client can not support proxy. 2.I found that every time I run the openssl s_client command I got the different Session-Id and Master-Key, I don't know how to config them in rsa.log file.

(08 May '12, 05:35) endofkok3

1.) openssl does not support a proxy (to my knowledge). Maybe proxytunnel can help you:

EDIT3: Additionally there is a patch available for proxy support in openssl:

2.) As it's a new SSL session, you will get a new Session-ID. I'll have to check if one can use multiple entries in the session log.

EDIT: According to the SSL debug log, Wireshark reads all line in that file and tries to find a matching Session-ID.

EDIT2: Just tested it with serveral Session-IDs in one file. It works.

(08 May '12, 06:23) Kurt Knochner ♦
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