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I hate hackers and voyeurs who think that they have the right for whatever reason their twisted little minds tell them the reason is for their hacking and watching a persons online activity so that that the information can be used for political or religious reasons.

I like my privacy and am entitled to my privacy.

Is Wireshark able to have a monitoring feature where lets say that you connect to and if someone in the area that you have established as the area to watch for connections connects to as well you would receive an alert based upon the time and IP of the computer that accessed's portal?

Also does Wireshark have a process where it can monitor all out going WiFi traffic from a source PC such as my laptop that will tell me where the leach is coming from as well as which processes such as email, websites visited etc. that the leacher is gathering information about a person using WiFi?

asked 07 May '12, 08:59

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Wireshark cannot snoop on other Internet users from your home. Monitoring your own home network traffic is possible, and from this you could identify what particular device is using your network, but not necessarily what it is doing or even where it is, and certainly not what particular applications that device might be using. Always use encryption when possible to protect your private data. Once the information leaves your home network (whether through your wired modem or wireless connection), anyone who can observe it can know its entire content --this could be anyone between you and your Internet destination for Internet traffic, or anyone with a wireless-enabled device if you have not properly secured your wireless network (and, perhaps, some more dedicated parties if you have gone to the trouble of securing your wireless).

A tool such as you describe does not exist.

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answered 07 May '12, 11:24

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