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All Protocols Unknown


When I run Wireshark (1.4.2) I never see any packets on my LAN, I just get packet after packet of unknown protocol where WTAP_ENCAP=1. I am connected to a Cisco 2950 Cat switch.

I tried capturing via my WLAN connection and got the same result.

I have the latest version of WinPCAP.


asked 23 Nov '10, 08:45

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One Answer:


Have a look at "Analyze => Enabled Protocols" and scroll down to "Ethernet", it is most probably unchecked, therefor Wireshark is not able to interpret packets with encapsulation type 1 (which corresponds to Ethernet).

Check "Ethernet" and click "OK" and you should be fine...

answered 23 Nov '10, 11:22

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I resolved the problem by following the above instructions.

(08 Jun '16, 04:23) Satya_Mokalla