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The documentation states that this filter will work: ip.dst eq

But when I try to use it, Wireshark gives me an error ' "" is not a valid hostname or IPv4 address'

I cut-and-pasted the sample into the filter, so I expected it to work!

asked 23 Nov '10, 16:26

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Try using ip.dst_host eq That should resolve the syntax error issue. If you still don't see any traffic try turning on network name resolutions to see what traffic is really resolving to (for example, actually resolves to

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answered 23 Nov '10, 17:11

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lchappell ♦
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Thanks lchappell - that did the trick :-)

However, being a stickler of sorts, I hope Gerald will re-write the documentation, since the example looks wrong.

(23 Nov '10, 17:25) ActualRandy

Or you could add to the wiki page or the manuals or... <grin>

(23 Nov '10, 19:09) lchappell ♦

note: you have to enable Name Resolution on the preferences for this to work (disabled by default).

(08 Dec '14, 14:35) Ciro Santilli

However, being a stickler of sorts, I hope Gerald will re-write the documentation, since the example looks wrong.

I don't know what Gerald will do, but Guy will ask you to file a bug on this, because that's really badly broken; if our display-filter parser can't figure out that you can compare an IP address with a domain name, that's just horribly bad - it violates the Principle of Least Surprise.

(08 Dec '14, 20:22) Guy Harris ♦♦

Using hostnames in filters only work when they can be resolved. Do you have DNS configured on the system that you are running Wireshark on? And is the system able to resolve

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answered 23 Nov '10, 16:34

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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Hey Synbit - thanks for the response.

I can resolve - I ran nslookup on it and received the ip

Regarding whether the system has DNS configured, I can't say; it is a public wireless access point

I ran it while in a live session, as opposed to a stored one, and it gave me a slightly different message: The following display filter isn't a valid display filter: ip.dst eq

In this message, it is clearly saying that it thinks I have an invalid filter.

(23 Nov '10, 16:47) ActualRandy
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