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I am new to Wireshark and would like to learn a lot. Since I'm a student I have only one Machine(laptop). But, in my laptop, I have installed VMWare Workstation 7. Now my question is...since Wireshark is a network packet analysis tool... Is it possible for me to practice Wireshark in a virtual machine. I mean, I would like to install a Server OS (basically Windows Server 2003) and 5 Win XP OS as a guest and connect them via NAT in the VMWare itself with the server. If this is not possible, then please anyone guide me as to how can i start learning and experiment Wireshark on my own. Any website that has a tutorial on Wireshark. Plzzzzzz Help!!!

asked 21 May '12, 04:13

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Sure, you can run Wireshark in a VM. You could install as many VMs as you wish and run Wireshark on one of them, capturing the traffic of the others. That works especially well if you connect the VMs by using Host-Only networks, or in bridged mode. NAT might not work so well or give funny results, so for starters I'd recommend creating VMs that have a Host-Only Network to talk to each other. In my tests 3 VMs that have a host only network can see all traffic going back and forth like on a hubbed network, so that would be a nice start.

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answered 21 May '12, 04:20

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