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Can someone confirm that "Colorize with Filter" does not colorize all captured packets as expected in Wireshark 1.4.x (it works well in Wireshark 1.2.11). I have tested it with Windows 32 and 64 bit Versions on multiple PCs. To reproduce capture some tcp traffic. Then open the context menu on a source port in the packet details pane and select a color under "Colorize with Filter".

asked 29 Nov '10, 01:43

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I just tested it myself and you are right, there is a problem with it. The building of the internal coloring rule does take place, but the update of the packet list somehow is not performed. When you open the coloring rules and click on "OK" without editing the rules, the packet list is updated and the coloring applied.

I will take a look at this and give an update when it's fixed (somewhere this week I expect).

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answered 29 Nov '10, 02:18

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Thanks a lot for the workaround and the fast response. This will help until fixed.

(29 Nov '10, 02:39) bcookie

I converted your "answer" into a "comment" to adhere to the Q&A style of this website.

(29 Nov '10, 13:39) SYN-bit ♦♦

OK, this has been fixed in SVN 35074 and is scheduled to be included in 1.4.3.

You can also download an automated development build from (use version 35074 or higher which will be available in a couple of hours)

(29 Nov '10, 14:51) SYN-bit ♦♦

Sake - there also seems to be a problem with moving to another profile and the coloring rules being updated. The export from one profile and import to another doesn't seem to be updating properly. I'll play with it more tomorrow time permitting. Things are crazy and yes - I still owe you an email or two (lots of things changing here lately - pulling 16-hour days... eek).

(02 Dec '10, 00:29) lchappell ♦
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