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I am working on a network-layer dissector for a prototypical protocol (that's a mouthful) that is an alternative to IP; an eXpressive Internet Architecture. The addressing scheme for this protocol includes the use of DAGs, which require a few header files and a .c source file that defines various functions for operating on the DAGs.

I would like to keep the header files intact and separate, rather than incorporating them all into packet-xip.c and packet-xip.h. This would make the dissector file cleaner and the headers easy to update as our research continues. Is there a preferred mechanism for including multiple header/source files? For example, a new directory in the epan directory seems like it would be a nice fit, but I am unsure if this would preclude the possibility of having a patch with our protocols approved in the future.

Thank you for any advice.

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See, for example, the dissector for the Zigbee protocol; there are several packet-zbee-XXX.[ch] files, or look at the XMPP dissector, which has a bunch of packet-xmpp-XXX.[ch] files. The best thing to do would be to have packet-xip.c and various packet-xip-*.c files, plus accompanying header files.

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