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I have a fp packet ,but I don't know how to use the umts-fp dissector to disset it . Becouse if I use "fp" filter to filter my packet,then is nothing.

Hope the master give advice or comments please! or give me the packet that can be filter by the "fp".My email is "[email protected]".


asked 14 Jun '12, 20:59

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The FP dissector is mostly functional, but can currently only be invoked while reading Catapult DCT2000 or Tektronix K12 format traces (these contain the additional information needed in order to properly decode the frames). It would be possible, but challenging, to decode the RRC messages describing the configuration of the lower layers, and use this information to infer how each FP frame should be decoded.

In 1.8.rc1 and trunk if the NBAP signaling is present, you get some of the FP frames dissected. It should also be possible to design an UAT or a new GUI menu to manually enter the data needed and the IP port combination used for a certain FP flow.

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answered 14 Jun '12, 21:28

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I want to use a GUI to manually enter the preference which need in FP decoding. But I don't know how to add a dialog in wireshark. could you give me some advise? Thanks!

(18 Jun '12, 19:32) smilezuzu

Hi, I'm interested in this feature as well so it would be good if you open a bug report at with this feature request so colaboration is possible. I think using an UAT, (see packet-user_encap.c and others) is one option or a completly new GUI menu. But an UAT is perhaps easier as prof of concept. But a Bug report or moving to the developers mailing list is the next step I think.

(18 Jun '12, 20:52) Anders ♦

Thanks for your reply! could you tell me how to use a UAT.or some information about UAT.

(20 Jun '12, 18:44) smilezuzu
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