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I want to write a filter to capture all IPv6 packets that match the net prefix with a subnet id. With ipv4 is simple: net 192.168.5 but with ipv6 this not works for me: net fec0:abcd:1234::

How can i capture the packets that match with network prefix?

Thanks and sorry for my poor english

asked 22 Jun '12, 01:17

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For IPv6 you must specify the mask length, as there is no implicit definition as with IPv4. See man page of pcap-filter

dst net net
              True if the IPv4/v6 destination address of the packet has a net-
              work  number of net.  Net may be either a name from the networks
              database (/etc/networks, etc.) or a  network  number.   An  IPv4
              network   number   can  be  written  as  a  dotted  quad  (e.g.,
    , dotted triple (e.g., 192.168.1), dotted pair (e.g,
              172.16),   or   single   number   (e.g.,  10);  the  netmask  is
     for a dotted quad (which means that it's  really
              a  host  match), for a dotted triple,
              for a dotted pair, or for a single  number.   An  IPv6
              network  number  must  be  written  out  fully;  the  netmask is
              ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, so IPv6 "network"  matches  are  really
              always  host  matches,  and  a  network match requires a netmask

So, the filter would be something like: net fec0:abcd:1234::/64 (or whatever mask len makes sense for your needs).


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answered 22 Jun '12, 02:04

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ok, i thought that i've tried that option, but it is obviously i didn't. It works. Thanks.

(22 Jun '12, 05:45) jorpoz
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