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I have a custom plug-in that I want to distribute across many different versions of Windows.

My question is, if I compile the plugin with VS2008, will I be able to simply distribute the resulting DLL file and have any recipients place it in their Personal Plugins folder? I've tried a couple of different versions so far and it seems to work fine but it's important that I be sure of this.



asked 13 Jul '12, 08:37

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AFIAK the plugin must be compiled with the same compiler version as wireshark.

Besides that, there should be not much you need to consider, as everything else (VC++ distributable, etc.) should be handled by wireshark. As soon as Wireshark runs on a windows version, and you compiled your plugin with the same compiler, your plugin should work on that platform as well.

HOWEVER: I'm not sure if there is a difference in the way how 32/64 bit builds of wireshark load plugins. So you might have to provide both a 32 and a 64 bit version of your plugin (just guessing!!!).


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answered 16 Jul '12, 12:37

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As Kurt says, the plugin DLL must be compiled with the same version of Visual Studio as Wireshark, the actual dependency is the C run-time library used by both items.

Wireshark and the DLL must use the same number of bits, a 32 bit Wireshark cannot load a 64 bit DLL and vice versa.

Unfortunately the plugin interface isn't guaranteed to remain compatible, so you may have to provide different DLL's for different versions of Wireshark. The easy way around this is to submit your plugin to the project and have it included in every copy of Wireshark with no further effort.

(16 Jul '12, 14:03) grahamb ♦
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