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My VoIP application is running on a windows PC at 1 end and on a android device at the other over a wifi network. My usecase needs the windows side to only send data and android side to only receive. I am running wireshark on windows PC and tcpdump on android device to capture all the voip data. I am getting to see some packet drops in the android side dump. But the windows side pcap dump does not indicate any packet drops. I have verified that my code is not missing any packets and is sucessfully calling sendto() for all the packets. Does this mean -
1. The packets are dropped in the wifi network OR 2. The packets are dropped in the stack layer on the windows side and is never sent to the network / the packets are received by the android device but is dropped in the stack layer?

I would greatly appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

asked 16 Jul '12, 02:59

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It is possible, though unlikely, that the packets are being dropped in the Windows stack below where Wireshark (actually WinPCAP) captures the packets. More likely is that they are being dropped in the network or possibly on the Android device. To further diagnose you'll probably need additional monitoring points (e.g., another computer connected to a HUB--not a switch--between the Windows PC and the wifi network).

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answered 23 Jul '12, 06:49

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