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OS WindowsXP Home with intel 82566DC-2 network card and it also displays adaptor generic for dialup and VPN -- I'm on a wireless home network and attempting to capture the calls from a remote machine (2wire router 2701HG-S) I'm firing up wireshark,selecting the Intel network card and capturing all the traffic, no filters I'm then selecting Voip calls from the Telephony tab I'm not able to capture any traffic Is this the correct procedure. I did a lot of searching on the Internet but I can find basically nothing. I am brand spankin new to wirshark so any assistance would be greatly greatly appreciated

asked 14 Dec '10, 03:53

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Was this problem solved? I am having the same problem. When I run wireshark, i see the ip addresses of the phones, with udp and arp. but when i go to Telephony-VOIP calls, there isnt anything. I want to be able to capture the VOIP call and be able to play it back. Can anyone help yrgently please?


(02 Apr '12, 02:17) AgnesKs

I think the wireshark wiki answers your question best. Have a look at the following pages:

These pages will give some insight on how to capture packets and which packets can be seen depending on the place where you are capturing.

As soon as you have captured the VoIP packets, indeed selectiong "VoIP calls" from the Telephony tab will show you the VoIP calls in your tracefile.

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answered 14 Dec '10, 05:56

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If you are capturing everything then you are capturing your VOIP also - it will be in the file. Note that WS cannot identify all VOIP conversations. Look for lots of UDP or RTP packets in the file - theres your VOIP.

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answered 15 Dec '10, 06:57

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NB VoIP is a vide term, wireshark Dissects a number of VoIP protocols but some are proprietary like skype and will not show up as a VoIP call.

(02 Apr '12, 10:18) Anders ♦
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