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"\Device\NPF_{12D8C25E-1599-4276-A1DD-C37CE0539DE8}" is the proper interface.

What does this mean?

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asked 06 Aug '12, 13:19

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That information is displayed by dumpcap, if you specify the wrong interface for option -i. The full error message is this:

Please check that "\Device\NPF_{12D8C25E-1599-4276-A1DD-C37CE0539DE8}" is the proper interface.

Please double check, that the given interface is among those listed with

dumpcap -D -M

You can use the interface number (also listed by dumpcap -D -M), instead of the device specifier, like this:

dumpcap -n -i 3


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answered 06 Aug '12, 14:37

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And the full full error message would also include

The capture session could not be initiated (XXX).

with some XXX message giving the reason why WinPcap (as used by Wireshark) couldn't open \Device\NPF_{12D8C25E-1599-4276-A1DD-C37CE0539DE8}.

If you didn't see all of that, there's a bug.

(06 Aug '12, 19:12) Guy Harris ♦♦
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