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Can I assign name to mac-address, so that when I see the capture it'll be very easy to understand?


asked 15 Sep '10, 22:52

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That's what the ethers file can do for you, see Users Guide

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answered 15 Sep '10, 23:15

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Thats what I'm looking for. But I have 1 more question. The ethers file I edit will make the names appear in "packet details", but I want these name to appear in "packet list" (in run time) so that I can see the name in live, instead of selecting & then seeing the name.

(16 Sep '10, 07:09) Ramprasad

You could add an eth.dst and eth.src column to see the MAC header addressing in the Packet List pane.

Steps to add Ethernet Source/Destination Addresses to Packet List Pane (see note below about Wireshark v1.4.0 issue):

  • Select Edit > Preferences > Columns (on left)
  • Select Add ("New Column/Number" appears at end of column list)
  • Click the arrow in the Field type window and there is a big list - choose Hw dest addr (resolved)
  • Click on New Column in the window and rename your column.

Click and drag your column to where you want it now and click OK. Do the same to add a Hw src addr column.

Wireshark 1.4.0 Note - One of the greatest features of Wireshark 1.4.0 is that you can right click on a field (such as the Ethernet Source Address field) and select Apply As Column. Unfortunately, using this method to create an eth.src or eth. dst column doesn't appear to work. Creating an eth.addr column does not provide name resolution. Hmmm... will have to play with it further to see if it's just me - on first cup of coffee this morning.

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answered 16 Sep '10, 08:20

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Laura, could you use "More -> Convert to comment" to include this response to the answer of Jaap?

(18 Sep '10, 00:24) SYN-bit ♦♦
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