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Checkpoint R75 prevents Wireshark from capturing ALL packets



This isn't a question, its an answer to my own question. I had problem capturing packets onsite with Windows 7 64bit, however other PCs from colleagues (XP 32 bit, 7 32bit and 7 64bit) worked fine. I tried everything: - Reinstalling Wireshark (with the NPF set to start on boot) - Trying MS Network Monitor instead - Checking McAffe didn't have any firewall functions - Installing latest Intel network drivers - Checking intel supports promisbious mode - Checking Windows 7 supports promiscious mode

The issue turned out to be Checkpoint Endpoint Security R75 (the VPN client), once uninstalled (and rebooted) it worked first time.

asked 23 Aug '12, 06:13

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... like many others

answered 27 Aug '12, 04:27

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