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Where is Decode as RTP option in 1.8.2?


I normally work with Wireshark for tracing and troubleshooting VoIP calls, and whenever Wireshark shows me UDP packets instead of RTP, I am used to 'Decode as...' RTP the UDP packets and then I see my RTP streams correctly. I just downloaded 1.8.2, and I can't find RTP in the list of protocols inside 'Decode as...' window any more. How can I tell now to Wireshark to decode some RTP streams as RTP if it is not doing so correctly from the beginning?

asked 06 Sep '12, 07:53

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One Answer:


Go to the RTP protocol preferences and tick "Try to decode RTP outside of conversations".

answered 06 Sep '12, 08:36

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Jaap ♦
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Well, that didn't work. I still see a bunch of UDP packets that I know that are RTP and Wireshark could not decode them as RTP. Any other option?

(06 Sep '12, 19:01) Christian_Fl...

If you can share the capture, or just a clip of some of these UDP packets on Bugzilla then by all means file a bugreport at

(06 Sep '12, 23:42) Jaap ♦