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I am running some tests and need a quick visual indication.

I have set up a display filter for the correct ip, i have also set a display colour for packets arriving over the specified time frame.

What I want to do is display a colour or other alert if data stops completely.

Example: Data is coming in on filtered ip. (done this) A red line is shown when a packet arrives late (my time specified) (done this)

If data was coming in good and then stops, nothing happens until the next frame which catches the late packet. If the data has stopped and never restarts i will never get the red late capture and will be presented with just the captures made.

My reason for this is EMC testing by a non familiar user who need s to see a late packet (sorted) or if the data stops completely. They will not be familiar with wireshark.

Is it possible to add some kind of display filter to state if no next packet in x time then show red. At present the

frame.time_delta_displayed>1 will only show when a packet does arrrive.

Hope this makes sense.



asked 17 Sep '12, 08:52

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As Wireshark is just a network capture and dissection application, it's not cut out for performance monitoring as you require

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answered 17 Sep '12, 14:07

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Do you have any suggestions for free performance monitoring programs ?

(18 Sep '12, 04:09) console
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