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I have the following topology for two systems which have an ipsec tunnel A[]------------ B []

I have configured ESP preferences in Wireshark running in B system with the information got from 'ip xfrm state' as mentioned below.

When I send icmp ping packets/SCTP Hearbeat packets from A and start capturning the requests and responses in wireshark (System B), I observe that wireshark doesn't decrypt the response from B to A(they appear as ESP protocol packets) while the icmp requests/SCTP Hearbeat packets sent by A are displayed after decryption.

Could you plese help me out?

Wireshark Version used: 0.99.3a

Output of 'ip xfrm state' in B: src dst proto esp spi 0xcb0232de reqid 1 mode tunnel replay-window 32 auth sha1 0x4e40e2628b172f0331393242f29ab1eba951c825 enc aes 0xc84d1235c49a83caadc9a330513ab281 src dst proto esp spi 0xcec7a22e reqid 1 mode tunnel replay-window 32 auth sha1 0x9fb4979b6d5807f7ca83e33c1c9cc993b6a93a7e enc aes 0x1cbc2ca4c000975b1c91dfb775cb9c7c

ESP Preferences Configuration in B: SA #1:IPv4|||* Encrypt Algorithm #1 : aes-cbc Authentication Algorithm #1:hmac-sha1-96 Encryption Key #1 : 0x1cbc2ca4c000975b1c91dfb775cb9c7c Authentication Key #1:x9fb4979b6d5807f7ca83e33c1c9cc993b6a93a7e

SA #2: IPV4|||* Encrypt Algorithm #2 :aes-cbc Authentication Algorithm #2:hmac-sha1-96 Encryption Key #2 : 0xc84d1235c49a83caadc9a330513ab281 Authentication Key #2:0x4e40e2628b172f0331393242f29ab1eba951c825

I've enabled "attempt to detect/decode encrypted ESP payloads" and "Attempt to check ESP Authentication" and both A and B are running Linux kernel version: and

Regards, Sethu

asked 29 Dec '10, 05:36

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Your setup looks oke, apart from the ancient Wireshark version. Please take the capture and load it, and the configuration, in Wireshark 1.4.2 and see what comes out.

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answered 30 Dec '10, 02:48

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