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Why Does Wireshark show my pc's searching for their default gateway address repeatedly? It seems that when I do a Traceroute the first hop is going to the vlan address not the default gateway being passed out by the DHCP server. Every PC in the network is ARP broadcasting for it's default gateway address. The VLAN address is on the same physical device as the default gateway. Is this because the default gateway should be the VLAN address not the physical port address? Is this possibly due to redundancy and should these arp broadcasts be going on?

asked 19 Oct '12, 05:37

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You might need to include a more detailed description of your setup. What do you mean by "VLAN address"? VLANs are layer 2 objects that do neither have an IP address nor a MAC address in itself. You can have a system being part of a VLAN and having an address, but that is not what I'd call a "VLAN address".

Anyway, it is pretty normal for ARP requests to be repeated every once in a while, it just shouldn't be too often. Since you did not say what the frequency of those packets is I can't tell you if it's bad or not.

(20 Oct '12, 07:53) Jasper ♦♦
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